Feb. 11th Health Care for All – Senator John Marty

The HCAMN chapter of the Greater Mankato Area is pleased to be hosing Senator John Marty to discuss how Minnesota can have affordable health care for all.

Thursday, Feb. 15th 7-9 pm
New St. Peter High School 2121 Broadway Avenue 1.1 miles west of Hwy 169

Imagine health care with:

    No Pre-existing conditions
    No Deductibles or Copays
    No Hassles with Insurance Companies
    Includes Medical, Dental, Vision and Mental Health
    Simple, Affordable and Fair

This can be real and affordable! We are the only first world country where the working people are afraid of their medical bills.

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.